Create a hierarchy. What’s most important to you in life? What things and activities can you not live without? Make a list of this things before you even step foot into the space you want to de-clutter. Decide how much is too much. We all have things we felt we just had to have when […]

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Best Eats in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


See Google Rating under each title! (Some images shown are not from location – best depiction of dish eaten by The Working Nomad) 1. Maro Shrimp House I’m sure this place gets passed over many times – a downtown small eatery that I didn’t experience until my 3rd or 4th time in Cabo. The shrimp! The lobster! […]

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Scuba Sights: Turtle (GPS) Power


In 1996, a little turtle named Adelita swam across 9,000 miles from Mexico to Japan, crossing the entire Pacific. Wallace J. Nichols tracked this epic journey with a satellite tag. But Adelita herself had no such technology in her turtle backpack. How did she steer a route across two oceans to get home? WOAH, COOL! By testing […]

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MODERN DESIGN: Salsa Jar Packaging


WHY DO WE LIKE BAD DESIGN? It’s been said that the average person is conditioned to like bad design – since it’s everywhere. Although the average person thinks they like pretty things, in reality, they like the familiar. Making it especially hard to promote modern designing for us graphic designers to clients (who swear by […]

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PET Home Project


DREAMING ABOUT A PLASTIC HOME! The Working Nomad has also been working on funding a project for research in sustainability. It’s my dream to homestead and live a life of simple, organic pleasures. Also, in case the zombie apocalypse does occur or you know after this 2016 election results stun us all – I’d like […]

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Top 5 Camping Tech for 2016


Unlike Emerson, Thoreau, and Kerouac campers today believe in holding on to some semblance of our tech-driven lives to helps us maintain some sanity in the great wild. Now I’m not suggesting you need all these handy little gadgets for your next camping trip, but they are sure are sweet! 1. SOTO POCKET TORCH This powerful wind-resistant […]

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4 Season Wardrobe Capsule – How To


This is the average suggestion for creating a 4 season wardrobe capsule for the fashionista minimalist or the traveling nomad packing their possessions military style into one hiking backpack. This is more than enough to not look like a hobo each week and just a large amount to mix and match everything.

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The Most Epic Things to Do in Costa Rica


After years of traveling I realized visiting Costa Rica in 2005 was one of top 5 places visited on this world. With so much to offer in sights, culture, and adventure – it’s perfect for the traveler looking for something epic in their life. To put into order of the epic-ness I experienced: 1. ZOOM […]

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