PET Home Project


On average, in the U.S. 129.6 Million plastic bottles end up in landfills a day. Imagine a world where all that goes to building homes… While in the U.S., this isn’t a completely acceptable construction material by building codes – you can definitely use this technique for a greenhouse, shed, or small building project. Someday […]

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Scuba Diving: How much to save up for


How Much to Get Certified, The Price of Equipment And The Price of Dives I don’t have a precise answer on how much your certification will cost you. It varies on where you live and when you choose to travel to scuba dive. However, I will try and give you a ballpark estimate so you’ll […]

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The Minimalist: Lifestyle of Avoiding Clutter


Aw, Minimalism! It’s a lifestyle of avoiding clutter, complication and excess. And it happens to be a trending lifestyle to adapt. It’s the “next big thing,” a social trend that is gaining followers in herds. What is it, and why are some people so drawn to it as a lifestyle? Finally, where did this is idea of […]

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Interview with a Master Scuba Diver


TWN: When did you first get certified for Open Water Diver? (First certification on the way to Master Scuba Diver certification) Gary: I did my final open water dive on May 30, 1994 and received my certification then. TWN: What was the defining moment that made you want to become a scuba diver? It was something I […]

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Wisconsin Camping Hacks to Live by


1. NATURAL ANTI-TICK JUICE – EVERYWHERE Put 1 part tea tree oil to 2 parts water into a spray bottle. Now douse everything! Everything!!! Socks, shoes, pants, sleeping bags, and more. These little pests are no joke all around Wisconsin, folks! I’m not big on over-priced essential oils like some of the bigger name companies, […]

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6 Favorite Coffee Brands


1. GORILLA COFFEE Modern, stylish, and still creatively illustrated. Gorilla Coffee brings quality coffee to the Brooklyn natives from places like Costa Rica, Peru, Brazil, and other locations prime for coffee bean growing. They did an excellent job on the packaging design too! 2. LEVEL GROUND TRADING Level Ground Trading combines powerful imagery with great design in […]

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Plan for your Future Homestead


Have you been thinking about going off grid and living a sustainable existence in the woods? Me too! The Working Nomad is in the research faze before purchasing land to build. There are many factors to consider when planning where to homestead and how to homestead. I personally am planning for the cheapest options for […]

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Best Dive Spots for Shark Encounters

Gentle Giants

1. GUADALUPE, MEXICO A great home…to the great white shark! The waters surrounding the volcanic isle of Guadalupe bring amazing sites of these massive, beautiful beasts. Cage dive to get up close and personal – a once in a lifetime experience!  SIDE NOTE: The Working Nomad is actually heading to Guadalupe, Mexico in September 2017. Check […]

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